much love to you from Nürnberg, Germany! This is a update from where I am in the process on the journey from the last couple of months. It’s incredibly personal and vulnerable for me to be releasing, but I think the Lord wants to use it in some way. 

For the last couple of months I have been very silent online while figuring life out. As you know, I moved to Nürnberg earlier this year to pioneer a missions base from scratch with the purpose of sending our staff and students out across the world, specifically Asia, the Middle East and Africa strategically using arts in missions to further the gospel in this part of the world.

Before I get to where we are today I want to tell you the challenges I’ve faced along the way. The team and myself literally relied on God 100% all summer waiting in expectation for the things He spoke and promised to us as a team. He was the only consistent thing for us this summer. I think we found out very quickly how we didn’t fit into the German ways of doing things. We had so many people tell us how impossible what we wanted to do was. That the dreams He gave us was not realistic. We are non-profit missions community, our bank accounts surely aren’t large - but that isn’t an excuse for us. Realtors, land lords, property managers, even pastors and believers would give a nervous laugh and hope for the best with us, as did a lot of people that didn’t think this would work out.

Everyone in the team has fought for the past 5 months to see today happen. Most of us didn’t have homes for the first 4 months, we had team members leave in the process, for me personally, I ended up leaving the main ministry that brought me here which has been quite hard emotionally, randomly I’ve lost half of my support team across the summer, rediscovered health issues, missed my first nephew being born and ended the summer with a major divorce in my family. It has been a long road. I have found myself at the end of myself more days than not.

I’ve had more than my share of frustration, confusion and wanting to give up. I remember waking up one morning last week, frustrated the moment I opened my eyes and then something clicked and everything changed. It was like a sudden wind of His grace that just pushed against my back to keep me going forward. I think I honestly felt a small portion of what grace actually looks like sustaining a person in their calling. I realized giving up isn’t an option. It’s just not an option for me and my covenant with God. The only option was perseverance, and operating the opposite toward everything I knew, and its still the same for a lot of those issues today. I certainly don’t get them, but I have peace that surpasses all the understanding I could even need. 


5k in 30 Days - Due to everything above, it never got the attention it needed and I only raised 3,400 out of 5K. He is faithful to take care of us and knows what we need, He proves it daily. I will begin to continue raising the rest of this as well as more monthly supporters.

A house - Today marks one month in my very own house. It’s been quite a chore to put everything together, and we are still working on some things, but praise God we have it! It’s nice. And someone gave us a free kitchen, I could cry honestly - it feels like million bucks. In Germany, you have to get those yourself. They do not come with the house, the only thing that comes is a tiled room, ha - don’t laugh. So, someone’s generosity saved us thousands of euros. The picture at the top is a miracle. I was approved for two apartments, and ending up being able to provide the girls on staff with us an apartment. We have one below them in the same house. 

Art studios - our creative studios for arts in missions - ACCOMPLISHED. We got the building in June, and its big! It houses pretty much every form of art.

Student housing - ACCOMPLISHED AS OF TWO WEEKS AGO. This place looked like the apocalypse happened when we got the keys. We spent two weeks night and day cleaning, and TONIGHT, there are 130 students calling it home. God provided 130 beds, mattresses, bedding and actually more than enough that we are giving excess away. A problem with this building as it is an old office building, it has no showers! However, a local sports complex offered their services and our students can walk there and shower as much as they want. The CEO of one of the largest bakeries here in Germany contacted us, and they are giving us as much pastries and bread and all they carry for our students - DAILY. Our students joined our pioneering efforts this week and they are beyond spoiled and living off the miracles of God.

Lecture hall - ACCOMPLISHED 4 DAYS AGO! A church gave us their building so we could host the actual school there!

And then today, the school officially began. Below is such an amazing moment for me. Every crazy detail of this summer has been made worth it. Seeing these students faces every day changes me and I LOVE that they came and believed in what we did. 


I ended up leaving the ministry that brought me here, but He always knows what is actually going on. He sees the bigger picture and is walking with me in the process. I am now heavily involved in THIS school, in THESE student’s lives and I am incredidbly excited about my journey with them over these next 6 months!

I am still healing from a lot of the other things that happened this summer. I’ve found myself at the rock bottom figuring it all out all over again, but I think that’s the best way. I think God likes it too. I’m learning that I can’t do anything without dependency on Him, and I am in a position for the first time in a very long time, where I can’t take a step forward unless I feel His step right by my side. 

This is all I have for now. I am going to start blogging frequently from my website to give people a more updated approach to what this life is like. I feel like most people love the thought of overseas missions, but rarely consider to think about the price that has to get paid on every level for it to be sustainable. 

Thanks for being a part of my life and community. I love that we are in this together and that we get to live life together to facilitate the Kingdom advancing across the Earth. It’s fascinating to me. 

I love you much and hope to talk with you soon. Please reply, I’d love to FaceTime/Skype or call you sometime soon.

- Corey